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3D Printing Technology love life

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Today small to say, not some new innovations, new applications about 3D printing, not about what a big event 3D printing company released today want to say is how science and technology to those who need to be helped to change people's life, to bring to those who care for the sick, and these are realized through the 3D printer. Let us look at these people touched by the story.
1, for the crippled children 3D printing prosthetic hand
Britain has a child born crippled arm, called Charlie, the children saw other people get things done easily with the arm, which made him feel very upset that his parents do not know how to help him feel the pain and sad. They landed on the online public welfare website, published a case of boys. Child Care Fund abroad informed, will plan to print has the arm of the boy, they found the boy's parents, asked the views of parents, the boy's field measurement data, and then commissioned a 3D printer has a volunteer in London who help make, and soon the little boy had a new hand, which allows him bad music.
2, using 3D printing technology puppies surgery
Foreign dog has been called Sophie, is a 7-year-old Yorkshire terrier, it was discovered instability born of the first and second cervical vertebrae, which led to the development of Sufi problems, the general adult York Summer Terrier 3,4 kg in weight, but Sophie just 1.4 kilograms. The doctor said the only way to treat this poor little guy approach is, in its vertebral implant filler, to let this poor little guy "rebirth." M.D. as Sophie were cervical CT scan, obtained the actual size of the bones Sophie neck, vertebrae by 3D design model Sophie, the accurate implementation of the operation. Sophie has been restored now, her gait has been greatly improved.
3, students of amputation prosthetics Turtle Print
A leg injury, infection of the female turtle underwent leg amputations, veterinary Milner decided to turtle 3D printing prosthetics, so he went to his daughter's school to school, so that children help design turtle's legs and more It is important that schools have a 3D printer. A group of students after school hours for the sea turtle design new leg, after the teacher's inspiration, the children chose a ball caster design that can help turtle fully mobile, then the implementation of the veterinary surgery on sea turtles, only Turtles with a new leg, very pleasant crawl.
4, four year-old girl in the heart of 3D printing
Foreign girls named Gonzalez suffering from a congenital disease called pulmonary venous drainage, and its performance is venous blood can not be transported to the right parts of the heart, causing difficulty breathing, lethargy and immunocompromised symptom. The situation was very dangerous for girls, doctors expected, do not receive treatment, it may be only a few weeks of life, professor of cardiology at Children's Hospital in Miami final use 3D printers to produce copies of the heart, then through a series of research, surgery program successfully transplanted into the body of the girl child. Now, the blood flow of girls has returned to normal, in the hospital for rehabilitation.
5, to raise money for Tibetan guy doctors print 3D foot model
One area in Qinghai Yushu Tibetan name is Trinidad and Tobago, the home ninth child, 19-year-old Trinidad and Tobago nearly one meter tall and 8, left suffering from congenital clubfoot, more than a decade are in bed at home, the last two years , Trinidad and Tobago is getting steadily worse, foot pain unbearable. Red Cross Hospital was informed that, in order to extend relief Trinidad and Tobago hand. Red Cross Hospital doctor specially Trinidad and Tobago 3D printing of 1: 1 model of the left foot. And the 3D printing technology used in medical surgery which, first of its kind in the country. It lasted for 50 hours to produce a left foot model, at a cost of five thousand dollars, taking into account the special multi-family situation, the Red Cross full amount of funding.
Great Love, love life.

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