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3D printer works

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3D printing the name implies, and the three-dimensional relationship. With respect to the two-dimensional, our company to break out of the ordinary printer paper and pictures are written. The 3D printing do not know, it is made out of real objects. Let's build a house, are piled up layer by layer, take Loge Liang, in fact, the principle of 3D printing job is the same. In fact, 3D printing and ordinary printers are similar in terms of hardware facilities, supplies and different places that print nozzle configuration.

Well, 3D printer works, what is it? Actually very simple, the current function can be divided into two types according to the printer, one is a desktop model, the other is a special high-precision industrial models of printers. Desktop for personal or business under those of complexity and precision of the model is not very good user base, such as animation enthusiasts, want to own whimsy can be converted into tangible, visible kind, then you just one such machine can be a dream come true. Then the 3D printing industry level can do? Its use is still quite extensive, mainly for large enterprises and scientific research, currently supplies titanium for the printer, it can achieve the aerospace, aviation and other parts of the body shape, the military is no exception, heavy weapons core components, can also be printed out, it is worth mentioning that the first few days of Dongguan 3D printer Fair, rare creatures discovered 3D printing exhibition, to see people stunned, can not do what this machine of?

Such a strong scientific and technological achievements, is not particularly want to ask, then it is how to print out? What works? In fact, at the beginning of the next part of the article is mentioned, here we come to a detailed analysis, we will use a case to explain, so that more people understand the principle of clear 3D printer. First, let us begin to imagine the mind, close your eyes, generally know what kind of model, rendering 3D modeling software by good your model, then the file into USB flash drive, into the printer and print settings, This will start installing your model start "Taking a creation," which printing process is basically like this, such a lifelike 3D printing things for as long as the show in front of you.
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