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DIY 3D Printer Kit K86


Product Description:

Kunprinter K86 is a new 3D printer with self replicating. At the beginning of the design,the K86 absorbs the advantages of the Huxley, Pruse13, Printrbot, Kossel and other outstanding model, and try to use them into the K86 model. K86 adopts symmetric design, open type printing environment, remote extruder, a one-stop feeding system, and no need to adjust the fixed. The structure of the machine is easy to understand and set up,and the high quality of high printing speed is ensured.

KunPrinter K86 is a simple, stable, easy to assemble, maintenance, modification, low customization and can replicate the low-cost desktop 3D printer. Hoping more people can experience the surprises of the 3D printer. The machine adopts the factory default setting, which guarantees the accuracy of the geometric model within the 0.3mm. After adjusting for the actual printing, it ensures the accuracy of the geometric model within the 0.05mm.

Colors: Red, Green and Yellow are for option.

K86 3D Printer Main Improvements

Mechanical part

 Using the optical axis to built a frame, remove the the ugly screw, when eliminating the trouble of the rack, at same time to ensure the appearance of simple, generous.The structure of the design of circular arc makes the machine look more exquisite and compact.

 The machine uses a symmetrical design to meet the overall visual sense of beauty,but also makes the center of gravity of the whole machine to ensure the stability of the machine.

 Inspired by the Delat series 3d printer, using the method of remote extrusion to reduce the quality of the print head, so that the printing head in the motion is less inertia, and thus obtained better molding accuracy and higher printing speed.

 The T axis is used in the direction of the Z axis,which can ensure the uniformity of the Z axis space,but also provide better hardware support for the print layer.

 Z axis screw drive clever the lug style, namely a step into motor drives two Z axis screw to enhance the X axis, ensure that the X axis in the process of rising and falling, the left and the right ends of absolute synchronization.

Electronic part

 The new design of the 3D printing board, set all functions in one, the ultra wide operating voltage (10V~35V), 200w output power, can meet the needs of the print head and the printing hot bed.

 The main board is equipped with active cooling fan, can work long time under the big power, no longer worried about the trouble caused by the temperature.

 The towline cable,changed the wiring style. Other models scattered not only ensure the stability of the wire, but also enhance the beauty of the machine.

 The use of ultra-thin power is fixed at the rear of the machine, to further enhance the overall sense of the machine.

• 150W hot bed of printing help to reduce the edge lifting trouble whether you use ABS or PLA. NTC 100K components welding on intermediate of the hot bed, eliminating the need for wiring troubles.  

Package includes:( Note: The "Step #" is Step Tips that help the customers to assemble the printer. And "Step 16" is the step that assemble the previous parts together, no new parts in this step, so no pack named "Step 16". Please conatct us for the K86 Printer assembly instructions V2.0. after you place the order.)

1. Modular K86 all parts * 1Set

2. Display * 1pc

3. Hot bed * 1pc

4. Borosilicate glass * 1pc

5. Small pack Filament about 50g (For printing the Filaments Stand) *1pack

6. STL file of Filaments Stand

Packing Details: