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US Open start manufacturing plans a comprehensive assessment by material manufacturing and 3D printing materials

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Recently the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced the launch of Open Manufacturing (OpenManufacturing) plan, purpose of the program aimed at improving the understanding of the increasing material manufacturing and other advanced manufacturing related to a variety of processes and materials. DARPA noted that in order to make 3D printing into complex military components - such as aircraft wings - Manufacturing mainstream technology, we need to 'nuance based on different attributes and properties of a variety of manufacturing methods material produced by the "in-depth understanding.
"The essence of open manufacturing plan is to collect and understand the increasing material manufacturing and other new production concept of material and process parameters, so that we can with a high degree of confidence to predict how quickly the performance of the finished product." DARPA Defense Sciences Office program manager, said MickMaher , "In the beginning the reliability of new technologies and the batch run (run-to-run) volatility is always uncertain. The result is that we can only use the slow and repetitive" re-measurement method (testandretest) "to test these materials and processes, this approach is both expensive and time-consuming, and ultimately undermine the incentives for innovation. "
So, DARPA how can we overcome these problems and to "achieve an improved production control"? They are working on a new rapid identification technology, and that this technology is expected to change the way businesses test and the use of 3D printing components of other advanced manufacturing methods produce the components. To this end they have set up two new production demonstration facility (MDF). The first MDF located Pennsylvania State University University, focused on the metal material manufacturing increased, while the other MDF were placed in the Army Research Laboratory, focused on the study of composite materials.
Currently located in Pennsylvania research resources MDF will focus on two main areas: the first is the rapid growth of low-cost material manufacturing (RLCAM), in this area they are mainly based on the use of the molding method to predict the entity direct laser metal performance nickel-based alloys during sintering material; the second area is another titanium processing DARPA's (tiFAB) related projects, where they will take advantage of the physical and data models to determine which parameters have a larger increase material manufacturing structures, such as aircraft wings, etc., have an impact.
Each member company could not print out all of the 3D tests, on the contrary, they can do is for a particular production lot of a handful of products for testing, and then the product quality sampling test is representative of the production batch quality. That's why DARPA open manufacturing project is so important for increasing material manufacturing future: because for technology and a thorough understanding of the material can help companies save a lot of time and money. According to the agency Heavenly understand that the ultimate goal of these new MDF production facilities established demonstration is to create a database that contains a variety of processes and material properties and parameters for businesses and individuals to access and use.
"Historically, the United States military superiority through material and manufacturing breakthroughs obtained." Maher, "Recently, the risks associated with new manufacturing techniques attendant impact on the confidence of businesses use it by opening manufacturing plans , DARPA is by providing knowledge, control and confidence in the use of new technologies, and provides support for advanced manufacturing. "
DARPA's possible for these initiatives in the manufacture of 3D printing technology in the field of application and popularization rate have a significant impact, especially in manufacturing production of aerospace and military components. Taking into account the technical strength and influence of DARPA, 3D printing technology to become mainstream manufacturing technology of the time there may be earlier than many of us expected.
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